Thursday, September 07, 2006

RFID Door Lock

An RFID (radio frequency identification) door lock? What's that? Well, it's another alternative to the old key-in-lock opening mechanism that most houses come with. Instead of opening the door with your thumb (as with fringerprint locks) or with a numerical code (as with keypad door locks), you use a special entry card.

With the MyKey 2300 (shown here), you press the button in the center, and then you wave wallet, keychain, cellphone, or any place you've stuck an authorized MyKey 2300 RFID card, and the door unlocks. To lock it again, you simply press the button in the center. If you forget your RFID card, you can still get in via a keypad that's hidden above the button.

As far as home security goes, the company promises that, unlike with common metal keyholes, their lock can't be picked by would-be thieves. Also if you lose a card or someone steals one, you can reprogram the lock to deny that card.

The MyKey 2300 will cost you $300.

Source: Home Security News

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