Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dinner. Casino. Nightclub

Eating the most delicious hamburgers, served from a shack that looked more like a shipping container, by the roadside, surrounded by limo drivers on their breaks, the hardcore members of the Corvette club and the colourful presence of the railway police.
One word : Random.

Strolling through the luxuriously plush carpets, the flashing lights of computer games, the echoing rain of clicking chips and the droning murmur of money being lost. Ugly people with ugly stories.
One word : Tragic.

Dancing to my old school R&B classics, surrounded by a sea of scantily-clad teenagers, drinking overly sweet mixers, gawking at a small crowd of immaculately dressed Thai cabin crew, and then chatting on the lounges until the babysitting expires.
One word : Amusing.

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