Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gift Guide: Tool Sets for the Hotshot Bartender

Maybe I'm just channeling pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan, but I really can't get through the holidays without a stiff drink. The stress of last-minute shopping, the anxious anticipation of seeing relatives again, the cocktail party small-talk, the reindeer jumpers, and the "how is your love life?" parental interrogations have me reaching for the bottle until January 1st. If it weren't for the hotshot bartenders in my life, I'd consider skipping the holidays altogether. You know the hotshot bartender. He (or she) is the first to uncork a bottle of wine, the first to mix the festive "peppermint" cocktails, and the last to serve himself a drink. This year, treat the holiday savior, and master mixologist in your life to the tools of the trade: a bar set. I've rounded up several bar tool sets at various price points for the guy (or gal) who makes your holidays fun. That is, for those of us who don't still believe in Santa Claus.

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