Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ten Signs That You are WAY Outside of Your Comfort Zone

  1. You second guess your decisions.
  2. Your critics, once easily ignored, suddenly rent way more head space than they deserve.
  3. Your old plan of action may now seem overly simplistic.
  4. Formerly non-existent “What If’s” suddenly spring to mind. A lot.
  5. Before you got outside of your comfort zone, all you could think about was getting your goal, but once outside of it, all you can think about is what will happen if you don’t reach your goal.
  6. You become a textbook example of the infamous “Impostor Syndrome“.
  7. Words start rearranging themselves in your head - for example, the phrase “I can do this!” somehow becomes “Can I do this?”
  8. You sometimes wonder WTF to do next.
  9. “Positive Thinking” suddenly doesn’t quite seem so, well, “realistic” as it used to
  10. Digg Trolls magically appear to be more intelligent than they really are.

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